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Safari Rush Hour Jungle Escape Game
from Ravensburger

Safari Rush Hour Jungle Escape Game
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Our review: Review Safari Rush Hour is a new spin on the awarding winning Rush Hour from Binary Arts.

The format is the same--a smart strategy game in which the player (either solo or competing players/teams) picks one of the 40 challenge cards that depict a busy jungle scenario packed with wild dogs, rhinos, lions, elephants and other dangerous game.

The player is stuck in the middle of this ferocious pack in a trusty Safari Jeep . The objective is to move the animals and jeep forwards or backwards in order to escape through the herds and back to the safety of your base camp.

It sounds simple and indeed the wonderful thing about all the Rush Hour variants is that the concept is stunningly simple. The execution however iscaptivatingly frustrating! No wonder that the original Rush Hour won an award from Mensa in the US.

The challenge cards in the Safari Rush Hour not only include various levels of complexity but also include 10 Junior Challenge cards allowing children asyoung as six years old to compete with adults. And here's the really good news,for not only is Rush Hour great fun but it can also boast strong educational benefits, teaching problem solving to children of seven years plus. In the US Rush Hour is used in some primary school maths classes. Even a clever four year old will find some reward by trying to replicate the traffic set up scenario of the challenge cards.

Safari Rush Hour can beenjoyed by one player or various players competing.

Suitable for children from six years old and all adults who enjoy an ingenious little challenge. A great family game especially for holidays and rainy days.--Victoria Mackenzie

Customer reviews:
Fun for everyone - Rating: 5 out of 5 - Sent Friday, February 17, 2006
Often games masquerading as educational can leave you disappointed. Either they aren't very educational or they are just too difficult or frustrating and are abandoned before any educational benefit can be rendered. I have no regrets with this game though and I am happy to say it exceeded all expectations...

Fun AND educational - how does that work? You're potentially a few short clicks away from finding out... go on, you know you want to..

Highly recommended.

Great Toy - Rating: 5 out of 5 - Sent Friday, October 28, 2005
This is a great toy! Really gets you thinking the whole family loved this (aged 6, 9, 38 and 50). Ideal for taking away as packaged in own bag, my youngest daughter loved the animals. I would recommend this game.

A lovely game! - Rating: 5 out of 5 - Sent Friday, October 05, 2001
Wonderful - well-made pieces, an ingenious game, hours of fun! I would recommend this game very highly. Great fun for all the family!

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